Tuesday, December 22, 2015

KPFK- where is the money ? How are nominations conducted ?

                                       Pacifica Elections, includes KPFK elections too

The troubled  Pacifica and local [LSB]  board elections continue to delay and lack Quorum, the # needed to be a valid election. So…the elections have been extended until January 4 , 2016

This current election is and has been, a chaos and a mess.  There have been many Complaints from paid-up-subscribers, who  have who say they can’t get their ballots at all, or they have not been sent ballots, even while they are fully eligible. 

Some have even received 2-3 ballots !? . This is showing the election process being poorly run  and may even be mishandled because of  ‘conflicts of interests’.

The Election Supervisor’s direct supervisor [ who is Ms. Brazon, who is now  Also the iED of Pacifica]  AND is currently also a nominated candidate – at the very same time. hOW IS THIS POSSIBLE ? Legal or good business practices even at a non-profit corporation ?  Does this double-entry have an explanation ? Or is there a "mistake" to be revealed or apologized for ?

Does that double-named-entry in functions then imply that the candidate has an unfair advantage:  being boss of election supervisor at same election in which they are running too 
Are there are other ‘irregularities’ yet undiscovered?

Doesn’t this lead to questions of who and how is running what ?
And is corruption not then possible ?    

 Hoping for honesty may never be enough. CeRtainly not at Pacifica’s doing and undoings so far.

And yet another conflictual relationship is the Elections Committee Chair [Bob Lederer] and his 5 other election committee members relationships that  are not free from other commitments too- those with workers who  also have election responsibilities. 

How can any election be trusted when in-group influences are denied but obviously there and probable, like some other nation’s elections that monitored are called “invalid” whatever the results. This is not much different here.

In prior Pacifica elections both candidates and interested parties could [and should]  observe vote counts  that were held at local community centers or at the radio stations themselves. But this year is different and it is said it might be in Canada   

Note: Pacifica and all  it’s radio stations are all in USA. …

Neither the election supervisor nor the company paid to conduct the voting has to date revealed where the ballot count will be held. Nor has anyone been willing to admit needed to validate and confirm practices observers. Aside from the question if anyone can be found to do the “observing” as voting at many national polling is regularly done for good reasons…and maybe it would be difficult to ask volunteers to be willing to travel to some remote location, probably on their own “dime” .
KPFK radio station’s decline or demise ?

Internal absolutely-needed structures have  broken-down at KPFK as this radio station [of 55 years duration so far]  continues declining in many aspects and  at a surprising rapid-decay pace.

 After the station in Sept reduced its entire paid-staff work force to 50% time and laid off its webmaster. Many essential staff needed for efficiency and on-air-consistency are gone. 

We have not been given information as to who has ‘volunteered’ their un-paid time or when the full-time employment may be reinstated. 

  The station’s December fund drive was scheduled to begin on Dec 7, but it could not because the station’s phones and internal WiFi  had broken down ! Imagine that happening anywhere in a business, non-profit, or corporation.  

 It should be hardly possible to have major assets dysfunctioning this way, even temporarily, without a pre-planned backup in place - to revive elections quickly into operation.   

That would be Good Business Practices ? But where are they  at Pacifica or individual stations, like KPFK ???

Where is the money ? 

Then, receipts on the 1st day  of the delayed begging-session was on Tuesday and that came in at $17,000, which sounds like a lot to you and me, but results in  less received.    In the previous fund drive which resulted in  $19,000 as a daily average.

And then,  KPFK averaged $30,000 a day two years ago. What is so different with the station or it’s donors, listeners, stakeholders now ? , with several programs have become  permanently unavailable on Archives or to listen to after original presentation,  and others may or not be uploaded manually, maybe not  ……

...the website still features the pledge thermometer from the *last* in November fund drive which is over while another one is on air now, again and yet again and again……

Premiums are not easy or even findable on website, so to check out further what it was that was advertised on air difficult if not impossible. Websites are intended to INFORM and provide more DATA and yet KPFK has somehow lost it’s relevance..

The technical mess is exacerbating subscriber losses in LA, ……a subscriber signed off and is no longer listening or paying up either…..”

note: information and some stats are culled from http://pacificainexile.org  and comments added herein as well separately but inserted in that information located on web.

(c) 2015     mj 

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