Sunday, October 25, 2015

Strange Questions, where is real Info on KPFK ?

Words heard on KPFK radio Sunday, Oct 25, 2015:  & approximately recorded

"The umbrella Pacifica Board [PNB ] gave us a $500,000 deficit … and while they gave us today 10/25/15 $50,000 to stay on air…. but that leaves us  here owing $450,000 still…for the entire Pacifica national office and other 4 station bills ?  or only the separated by local station KPFK bills ?

 so elections now are so crucial and necessary…. need to get a Quorum, as since 2010 many have overstayed their elected time and linger on main Pacifica Board and have not retired or had elections to replace them, even tho bylaws limit each PNB members term.

Ralphs market has a plan where with patron’s card a donation will be made based on purchases there  -is a way to help contribute to KPFK, set up by prior interim Gen’l Mgr Z. Fields.

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 and elsewhere noted an email:

Programmers were informed by Gen'l Mgr that they must raise $1,500 per program hour or the program may be replaced. Most programs are unable to raise even 1/2 or 1/4 of that amount that is a 'goal' or maybe a way to threaten replacements. 



Conflicts of an email by prior iGen'l Mgr  that was exposed and revealed- but was it 'confidential' or just embarrassing ? 

Some at KPFK staff received a letter copy of emails by their favorite prior interim Gen'l Manager Zuberi Fields.  These paid staff were dismayed and some thought they were being threatened with the revelation he was inquiring to cost of eliminating staff salaries.... tho no one has revealed what he intended or planned...or was getting data to plan for financial ruin at KPFK. And the story was revealed on line.

Another way of wondering what is occurring in the machinations of how to keep KPFK financially afloat on-line  is below:

Some assumptions written on need to be questioned:       

As an email by Zuberi  - that appears to be sent to only 2 people - but may have also had other recipients, as BCC [as blind copies]  when it was sent  ,  so could have been emailed as a to more than the obvious ones  too ? Thus the assumption that only the "TO:" recipients had a copy to reveal elsewhere is erroneous. 

And the mystery of Who mailed those letters is still not solved nor are accusations valid either - if the letter copies were sent to show that even Fields contemplated or questioned ways to solve some monetary problems thru staff reductions. Any interpretation can be chosen as the 'only' logical one.

 And where is it confirmed that all emails sent out by any iGM are solely confidential, locked away, and unknown by others who may also be involved in the managerial duties ?  

Who is to know if Zuberi did not disclose, discuss, & share his various plans, thoughts, or questions to others too, and not just keep it all in his closed pocket to himself? 

Or was it illegal or unethical about those receiving that particular email of questions or any inquiry to share it elsewhere? It is UNKNOWN who are thus revealing it either deliberately or inadvertently ?    

Emails printed, copied, mailed elsewhere is not an illegal or unethical act, unless it involved Hillary apparently.  

So  Other’s Intent is often assumed. Assumptions and conclusions may need to be questioned there. Anywhere.

And quoting only those words of Sue Johnson [former Part time staff  & fired now ] may not be enough to represent or validate a question of  what is actually occurring inside KPFK adm...the series of moves may appear one way on surface and different on another.

Loans are offered by friends or associates but names are not revealed to the stakeholders, listening public, and so no one knows sources of wealthy, or loan interest %, or who decides what is ethical.

Lydia Brazon's [ who is on KPFK's LSB and also currently is interim Exe. Director of Pacifica Nat'l Bd - PNB ]  her employer,  who a few months ago at an LSB meeting said, with her present, that he was 'forgiving' the $150,000 loan he had previously made to Pacifica or KPFK. [not sure which, or when]. 

This man, being a major realty owner of properties and with some wealth : might he be a source for KPFK's GM Radford's offer to provide a 'conflict of interest' $$$ loan ?  Does she actually have such wealthy and generous contacts herself that she has access to getting ?
At what interest rates and with what collalteral offered? the mortgage-KPFK building ? huh ?

Then - Who checks the source of any monetary loans and any subtle moves that may become corruptive or result in cronyism or be coercive even ? Where is that fact-checker anyway ?

Was that offer by GM to take a loan or make a loan to KPFK a legal and ethical move at all ?
The issue was briefly mentioned and later never addressed further. Are hidden loans and deals being made on KPFK's financial back ? to break it ? or can any loans heal the debts incurred already ? 

Was the loan made or just offered ?  And where is such information revealed for all station-stake-holder of this  non-profit corporation -  with the all required Rules also then being  complied ?   

Is it ethical, legal, in the Pacifica bylaws that Any managerial staff, or LSB member, can ‘loan’ or give gifts "from friends"  to ‘save’ any  such failing non-profit corporation ?   

And is acceptance then automatic ?      with much hand-kissing for any money so needed ? 
It is not like a private donor–listener-subscriber giving a gift to the radio station, when more closely associated to someone directing KPFK’s business, is it ?    Yes, the tax deduction is the lure to the giver in exchange. But a loan ? what are the tax ramifications that benefit the loan giver ? are there ? Or is just Indebtedness enough to pull strings, push for own agendas ?

What is going on ? besides rumors or bits of trailing machinations that seem out of place in
what is called FREE speech, straight-talking Pacifica and KPFK ?

There must be some rules, or ethics in play : 
 when money comes in large amounts, isn’t there ?

Or who else has appeared ? 

Who else is wanting a piece of the radio pie- as in offering loans, gifts, free-cheap services...all that stuff that often comes with some probable compensations later and adheres to unintended-consequences too.  

Who would invest in a sinking organization, as it's major staff players are going 1/2 time and the org. is not paying bills - so that describes it to be a losing investment ?  

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