Monday, September 14, 2015

Notice. Loss of a Professional Executive Director at Pacifica

"Pacifica executive director John Proffitt has resigned less than a week after returning from a three week vacation.   Proffitt held the position for four months. "


E.D. Proffitt  had just returned from a 3 week vacation in Europe, and had already been sidelined, his authority as ED  usurped - in being able to chose and hire the KPFK gen’l mgr - executed instead by a PNB member just a day before he was taking on the job. This could have been a warning move of his future inability to do anything to save the networks and radio stations: KPFK, KPFA, WBAI, one reviving in Houston,  and affiliates elsewhere too.         

What he was able to do, accomplish, be informed of and to exercise his “30 years working in business in radio” experiences ? That has just been declared worthless or not-needed. Others must be sure they have the expertise and know-how with legal assistances from those who have been eying possession of these stations.  

But:   Is this ethical ? Was he pushed or shoved or just made irrelevant ?  Was 'resigning" a polite way of saying the ones still holding most power at Pacifica could intimidate this man into doing the polite move to save their lawsuit funds from depletion  ?   

John Proffitt came to LA to the PNB meetings - 3 days in June 2015 - so some locals  here were able to see or meet him briefly. Hopes were high for a real professional to help improve and save the decaying processes - so apparent at all Pacifica stations -  especially those most fruitful ones : KPFK and KPFA. Now, there is no more hope possible. 

Apparently.   He was not needed.   
He  can no longer help Pacifica and PNB. Not even to save their face  - even by his doing the resigning – 
so maybe it was to save his own mental health?  Even if not admitted ?  Some stakeholders may assume so.

Or to relieve what physical stresses from this new job that obviously would hurt his health ?

Or did he just realized he had stepped deep into a vile snake pit 
[same as one in the classic old movie an just as scary too] . 

From what this man appeared to be in his short presence here in LA, the non-profit lost = a businessman who seemed to be able to stay calm, speak clearly, observe the fracas and still remain standing, and maybe even briefly offer his help.  Some thought it was not needed ? 
Did anyone insist he stay to do the work actually needed at Pacifica?  Or just lead him to the door because he did not fit in with those already 'in'  who aspire to more power ?

And maybe the Pacifica network has also lost :  lost it’s non-profit status with all the already noted shenanigans and ongoing manipulations -  that have appeared and been reported here and elsewhere - already. 

More is sure to come.     apart.    Tooooo bad.......    

UPDATED INFO:  At another blog was found  Proffitt's Sept 14  letter of resignation.... sounding very chummy and laudatory of others on PNB who may not have been cooperative with him - but it looked-like a nice gesture to make all look friendly and nice between them all anyhow. 

He stated therein that his last work or presence date may be Oct 15 or before, and no reasons for departure were mentioned, of course. No mention of what he had done or accomplished or what he attempted in his 4 month stay. He may have not realized what a snake pit he had been hired into and was glad to slip away ...maybe ? 

Note also that the prior hired Exe Director was Summer Reese, who was suddenly fired by committee PNB and under dubious conditions - that was after having been working as interim  ED for a few years before having the official position not as an 'interim'.

Then another interim ED was self-selected from KPFA's local board and PNB, who chose and  hired KPFK's current Gen'l Mgr herself  - just 1 day before Proffitt arrived to his job. During that interim ED, there was another temporary helper-  the just prior KPFK Gen'l Mgr - Bernard Duncan  [see 1. below]-  who quit station before his contract was completed- he lasted maybe a month or less ? 

Then Proffitt arrived on the scene, to be  quickly vacationing and then exiting Pacifica. 

What turnover and confusion there must be there - and that mixup spreads, infuses, and contaminates the radio stations under that torn twisted umbrella called Pacifica. How confusing it all has become...or was it always so ????

So  now and again, more suspicions and concerns over so many opaque moves and manuevers results - from such cover-ups - as also happen in big business corporations exits and mergers and even bankruptcies - But for public consumption only show a PR pretty face and hand shake - but under their facade are just bigger,& carefully covered-up disasters-  not for for outsiders to know or view.

To see Proffitt's letter reproduced or copied, see:  plus it contains views of what others opine. 

  1. refer to more info here:

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