Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is KPFK like KPFA in the robbers' bag being stolen Away from stakeholders ?

Some More Questions ... About The KPFA Foundation”     


a repost from:      http://pacificainexile.org/archives/1041


KPFA seems to be a precursor for what will or is happening to other still viable radio stations within Pacifica - again, as a decade ago -a few secretly operating to take-over-take-away for whatever beliefs they may have to feel 'righteous' about their hide-from-others'-eyes-actions, they are Stealing under pseudo-legal shenanegalings. [ = stealing under cover of hiding their actions and collusions ]
while wanting to look like a holy place, not KPFK nor KPFA are not, 
they are mere radio stations  being grabbed by clever PNB members and their attorneys

But this could not be done as easily had the stations being taken off of public-ownership been handling their affairs with enough transparency and feedback from their stakeholders before getting into such dire conditions.

Blame is not just in 1 or 2 places but equally shared throughout =tho in different %'s. Those who denied and gagged all info about each station's management and dealings and problems were hiding and thus put themselves into this precarious position. 

Those who had no knowledge but kept putting their $$ into failing entities without asking them to be responsible and open about their status lacked courage to ask or were easily pushed aside as irrelevant-questioners. 

Those who did the accounting, such as it was, or not done, as audits were apparently not presented openly nor on time as required for legal & financial payments were or not supervised or allowed to shlub their paid job duties. 

Those who were doing their tax businesses on KPFK's time and computers should have been dis-covered and fired long ago and not allowed to mis-use the station's meager funds for their personal gains.

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