Monday, August 31, 2015

a Station programmer writes....

This is a copy of a bit of info - from a long-time programmer sent to a KPFK subscriber :

“KPFK LOCAL BOARD ELECTIONS       It’s vital to participate.

Sept. 1 is the day that the board and general manager have scheduled all KPFK employees working at more than ½ time to be paid at ½ time. This decision was made without Union participation (SAG-AFTRA) and the Union has filed a grievance for violation of the contract (aka union busting).            

The decision holds despite the fact that July 31 Pacifica Budget shows KPFK is operating at a $182,000 surplus, and we have also received in addition a $134,000 bequest as well as bringing in some money in the August fund  drive.            

It is also being rumored that after the 3-4 months that the cuts have been scheduled to end, a new contract, from the board, will have all KPFK employees employed at 17.5 hours a week, several new employees will be hired, and at that rate there will be no union and no medical insurance. (aka union busting).           

Fortunately, the bequest has allowed Pacifica to continue with the board elections and thus there is a chance that the current board, now working in [their] second terms due to cancelled elections last time, can be replaced. There is some gaming of the election process, but there is also a very strong showing by KPFK listeners who are running for the board.         

 So it is hopeful that before the end of the year we will have a less ignorant and/or destructive board majority. The GM has requested all employees to submit their plans and hours after the pay cut (3 employees were terminated).  My decision [programmer] is to continue with the same work schedule and program times as my responsibility is to the listeners and to the Pacifica Mission.       

I don’t know what will be done with this decision, but as far as it is up to me, “Something’s Happening!” will continue for the same hours and the Sunday Alan Watts will also continue.          
When a program is taken off the air, the audience is fired. The new program, however fantastic, starts with zero. But people without radio experience simply can’t understand this.   

Austerity doesn’t lead to prosperity – any Progressive should know this.”                 

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commentary to what is stated above:  
It was noted that tho this midnight programmer said Watts tapes would be played,  yet on Sunday Aug 30, this was not on.              

Viewing the KPFK programs online new listing - which seems to have changed recently and can change any time again -- Alan Watts is alternating at 8 am Sundays with a different pgrm vs. having that slot regularly.

It appears that not everyone knows  any or all the time "just what is going on here !"  ...even when they assume they know.   And what delays can or do not happen with the union grievance is also not openly defined to stakeholders of this radio station.

"Listener-sponsored" also needs to be verified, questioned as to what that is defined or means and when a large $ sum is suddenly 'found'  or is in excess but not described, many may wonder again "what is going on ?"  not just in programming but financially especially.

Does the  long-termed-out 'Interim [6 yrs long ?] Program Director' decide  ?  or does the Gen'l Mgr decide on such changes ?  Who is in charge ? 

Or how do serious decisions get made ?    With or without any staff input ?  What other influences enter in, too ?

Stay tuned, but not to on-air station information, which is rare,  very limited, and personally slanted, but to any other sources that bother to report about  all at KPFK and Pacifica - those corporations that still lack any honest transparency. 

KPFK is as opaque as ever before, except for when the turmoil turned up heat  - so a bit more is now exposed, but not about benefits of being a programmer, nor about where finances are mis-managed.    

But the always blaming “listeners” for not sending in more money are the only revelations put out on air for listeners to listen-up and correct Oh, just a bit on internet can be found about other Pacifica board games and the ongoing manipulations occurring.

Notice that until programmers were themselves directly affected - by having their own semi-permanent position/ slots cut and ending , there was barely any trickle of info about KPFK's workings given out to the stakeholder/ sponsors.    

The only info revealed on-line is what can be read at: - as no other sites can be located anywhere that gives some facts, vs.  one-sided-propaganda. It is  only here  for more  & most updated info available.  If there are other reliable verifiable sites, please add these to a comment below here too.

Yet, Suddenly, now, when some are angry, afraid,and retaliatory reactions emerge, now, the listeners hear a bit, tho not all and not often enough. And so far no words of anyone taking Any Responsibility for their share of this morass either. Wonder why ?  

But, still and continually, we ‘outside’ the station are all exhorted extorted to "keep sending us $$$" ... any how. Or be blamed for KPFK’s failings. Does this make sense ?

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