Thursday, February 26, 2015

[another KPFK article reposted from to update what is happening to our Los Angeles Pacifica radio station]


KPFK FUND DRIVE drives on and on and on .....Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 at 11:51 AM

no end in sounds of repeat programming, desperate guilt ploys, and asking for money to save what may be a dying old radio station. sad. but may be time for real changes, any how, any time, on air time especially.
found this info at a recent KPFK staffer site:

Our goal remains at $850,000, reduced from regular goal but definitely definite. As of early Friday [ Feb  20 2015] AM we are at $342,750, with our most successful day being today with $28,700, so at least things appear to be going upward toward the end. No word as to whether we go into March or not. If you want to end it sooner, you know the number (818) 985-5735 and the website:"

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Yes, sad that what was so vital and educational for most of it's years on air, the same earnest and vehement voices have become shoutings and  demands.... and none of the ancient holder-on-forever to 'so-called' volunteer programer slots have given open space to more innovative nor
diversified opportunities for any changes. 

No changes ?  it is not because there is no money.  It is because the old timers hold on to their precious on-air slots refusing to allow different voices or opinions in. Not in their payola territory. No Way !

But outside the station, there are few who will pay to keep hearing same angry messages, mostly accusing 'everyone else' [all Others than the ones who keep paying a % of their livelihood ]  of bad faith, poor judgements, and  now deemed to lack all that is of value to a civilized political person.   

Wrong assessment, but one continually heard on KPFK and those from the superiorly-assumed at Pacifica stations ... all the while claiming to be 'for the people, the poor'  with the emphasis repeatedly being  limited to a small slice of the USA or even LA population.   
What is claimed as "mission" is misconstrued for KPFK insiders' convenience and cronies. 

Census says 9% of LA  [and about 14% in USA nationally ] are  identified as black self-described persons,  yet all the while KPFK demands 77% of it's alliances to be with this one group.

 A few others of all colors, religions, persuasions also  struggle for a limited voice on this station.....but listen in ....and find how much is solely devoted to pity-sympathy-identification with their chosen 'underdog' worlds - mostly Blacks.  Why this continued  exclusive alliance and dedication to one racial-cultural group ? 

How limited are the same "free radio" expressions  opened  for poor-underdoged Latinos, Vietnamese, Egyptians, Chinese, Peruvians, Burmese, Venezuelans, Aboriginals, Inuit, Mongolians  or even others like Indonesians any others also seen daily on news programs  who are  also suffering from droughts, ebola, malarias, food lack, poverty in all forms and no toilets.  

Those who do not reside in USA are not so worthy of attention or being revealed ?    So ?    Why the selective emphasis and selective ignorance? Wonder why KPFK doesn't get more $$$ funds ?  Could part of their pity-party story be the lack of inclusion and slanted version of their worlds as the worst- of worst-scenarios and the  only-righteous one ?   Doubt that view. 

While it's administration, program director and staff stay so continually limited and slanted to one group to support, emulate  and adulate...and given with a bit of saleswomanships of expensive  'alternative' [or unknown and understudied maybe ?] remedies ...and  then the repeated demands for $$$ for those old-new-age conference e-tie-ins to-promote-confidence promoting salesmen ?

Note how little of the  "you are soooo wonderful"- salesmen of these 'motivational talk' tie-ins have to put out  =[emails ? stream some more promos along with affirmative words found in any self-help book in every public library ? & also easily saved in audio books iin libraries too ]  ..
so why are these sales jobs so prominent and prevalent on this listener-sponsored radio station?  

Is it because they are cheap to give to $100-$250+ payees and cheap to advertise as valuable, when they are old and known self-help messages [from before 1970's and on and on, the very same ideas in varied speakers promoting their own stuff yet again..] and not  so valuable, not even actually very useful, but is it  all KPFK has ? 

Could that be the problem - KPFK people programmers are stuck in a rut...again ?  and in so many ways, stuck in the old, done, repeats, again ? 

And then the radio staff keeps asking  strangers to pay them to continue their  same limited views and advertising pitches ?  And also threaten that they will be off-air if all listeners dont send in their earned incomes to save the same-old from their same-old ways ? 

Surprised ? no.   dismayed ?  yes.   Ready to change ?   yep.

A loss of what once was - helpful, innovative, educational and expansive and has now become repetitive, repetitive, repetitive and limited, slanted and boring. 

So those who like to keep the ruins intact for a bit longer, may pay up and  never give up the hope for a return of what once was and no longer is a valued place to listen and learn.  

Too bad.  This world has expanded, opened in so many ways to get to what KPFK before had more exclusive access and now so much more can be found, dis-covered, revealed and gained...everywhere else. Pay to whom for what ?   That question is never asked openly on 90.7FM radio exhortations. What is fresh and not a repeat of same blames, same accusations, same hypocrisies since internal factionalizations are not different than any other organizations are at KPFK even more so. 


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