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Is there a KPFK or Pacifica left ? 

Integrated or falling apart fast ? 

What happens when each of the 5 Pacifica stations has to grow-up, be self-sufficient, or not be assisted by some central office holding their hands and holding the siblings together somehow ? 

The recent months of  heavy conflict, that appears to be only- two-opposing factions, but there may be others too [still in hiding and waiting to pounce ?   with their Own Interests,  Own Benefits to get]   and those finally seeing self-serving gains for them too to get more .... there may be more than those  2 groups who online articulate their views and dismiss any other views. 

And each side is loaded with prejudice side-acts and writers : 

As if...pretend...there are "only 2 versions" of best practices.

As if ...there are obviously "Only 2 ways" to align and support the continuation of the basic policies and philosophies expounded in the past by these stations under the umbrella of Pacifica? 

As if each [opposing, reacting, righteous] group knew for sure how to do "The Right Thing" and with the most qualified people to insure that the old version of Pacifica's over-the-edg-leftiness remains free and available -  for every dissident voice in the USA -  maybe even with a few imports included.    

And  there is also an righteous assumption that there is only 1 "right" thing-way-view-group et al. that should/ will WIN !

Maybe both sides, plus others hiding till it is safe to come and take or infiltrate the winning 1 side, are "DoubleRight !" and  Neither is enough, neither is sharing or cooperating, neither is winning no matter what court judges or online critics proclaim.

To note the online scribes, the anti-prior-hired Executive Director of Pacifica, after working for 8 months in the same interim position, Summer Reese is a volatile, unusual choice.   Some are for her, having seen or talked to her directly and noted their experiences validating her capabilities, like this one - not the only one visible and voluntarily supportive of her remaining as ED of Pacifica: 

then there are many  - mostly at the radio stations that have been long draining funds, mismanaged or not produced the required documents to receive their CBC funding, pay their rent, or produce enough information to comply with required audits.  A lot appear to be centered around Berkeley's KPFA and much writing has been maligning Summer Reese in a very personal, vs. her work-job, way has come from there & those. 

Even KPFK's Ian Masters has distributed an online distributed  petition - clearly attempting to ruin Ms. Reese's reputation and validity  - with his having googled  and then located some 'questionable' [ also read: unusual] ways. Even tho it appeared that Mr. Masters did not pursue his petition after he saw his salary and position on the radio station in LA was not endangered as he feared when meeting her 1x in person. It was a personal attack on a person, vs. a concern about her work, her policies, her actual actions while on-the-job as ED [for a very few months, compared to the 8 months working same job as an 'interim' vs. permanent position.]  No. Not fair. Not cool. But then not everyone who angrily fears losing their position is, apparently. 

A person writing on line opposing views on Ms.Reese and wanting to depose her wrote here -  one of various on line descriptions given without clearly stating their own benefits or  positions in the wild arguments and not giving enough references for credibility, but then most of the on-line rants don't have  them either  [that helpful validation is more of an academic skill, or a professional reporting requirement, or eve too wikipedia-like anyhow, right ? wrong. ]:

The KPFK prior Gen'l Mgr, who left "early" claiming he was returning to his own land in New Zealand, giving fake reasons in person, to the KPFK LSB, and in online writings then suddenly appeared to have been elevated up to Summer Reese's prior position = as Executive Director of Pacifica ! 

Bernard Duncan, who had been noted to be a mediocre KPFK station manager had just been made King over all 5 stations, but for a very short period of time. Why he is not continuing or providing any clear factual and  transparent reasons for his moving up and then moving out has not been openly documented.     Perhaps it is his visa ?     Perhaps it is a set-up temporary and unsatisfactory ?     Perhaps he cannot do the job that Reese was not allowed to continue or complete ?      Who knows ? 

How to find honest transparent information about what is really going on each and all stations ?  How to question or ask for a $$$-refund from prior pledges to these non-profit organizations that are not showing their audited books to prove their honesty or their being responsible ? 

A letter from Duncan was given to the KPFK LA Local Station Board [only, but it was  not made available to the paying- KPFK-subscriber-members-payors] in his last 'manager's report' of June 19, 2014:  

"This information was shared about the  GM report for June LSB meeting  

"The IGM was a no-show, since he's assisting in the transition to a new GM at KPFA.  Instead he submitted a written report
Some LSB Members  sought to postpone discussion of the report until the iGM was present to explain certain sections, while the majority wanted to talk, and then talk some more.
"The controversial sections had to do with using a program's ability to generate revenue during fund drives as part of its evaluation, and it largely mirrored what outgoing IED Bernard Duncan said about both  KPFA and KPFK in his June 19th report, available from:  [see site below]

There is more in another post here -  both questioning all we members=subscribers=payers=supporters=non-profit-sustainers of KPFK or any other [still] Pacifica radio station with no where else to get answers, responses or realities. 

We lament repeatedly about lack of Transparency, while they keep lamenting about  the lack of our $$$$.  

We ask questions and find no one who represents us on our Local Station Board   [ KPFK members who provide no representation or make themselves accessible, unless they Want Something from the paying audience ] =
Lack of Accessibility to staff, to managements, to programmers, to LSB members, or  to anyone who even knows what is happening.

So.... what is happening ?  and how do the 'owners' of this non-profit corporation or 5 have a voice....
not one broadcast OUT to us by clinging-to-their-own-for-decades programmers ...but also have a voice IN to those who make decisions, proclaim alliances and malign those others who disagree or  question or want anything different than those-now-in-POWER do?

what is wrong with this scene ? 

which movie does it remind us of ?

any sci fi or horror movie or B or C or D movie missed before?  

is all lost or just being jumbled and re-formed into other entities with some losses, some discards, some throw-aways and some improvements too ? huh ? 

maybe ? maybe not ?    

only those now in power and in the change-shifting-2-sides would know and they are not easily sharing. Not at all !

[Please - See next post for more]
 (c) kc  2014

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