Monday, April 14, 2014

Who is Bernard Duncan now and where is he ?

This is a repost from Indymedia about KPFK's recent General Manager and his whereabouts or questions about his intentions or moves. Interesting. But actual factual information is difficult and hidden, so there have been writings and rumors that Bernard Duncan, prior KPFK gen'l mgr. is named as Pacifica's Executive Director. 

True  or   False or Rumor  or wishful plans?  Who knows if no one tells - the truth that can be trusted ? 

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"Our GM Bernard Duncan fooled us ?

by KPFK listener Monday, Apr. 14, 2014 at 2:35 PM
How did Bernard Duncan fool us all ? He came to LSB meetings pretending he was 'leaving early… for personal reasons' and not stating any other plans or dates when asked directly by members there a few months ago.

Didnt he know what he was doing ? Or was he deceiving all LSB members ? did he also deceive all the KFPK staff too ? Or selective ones and not others ? Who knew ? who knows ?

A few recent months ago a heavy meeting with many KPFK staff, and some programmers - and people with a clear agenda that they did not voice or make clear - were at LSB meeting to promote their favorites: Alan Minsky was lauded for being interim program director and it was said he should stay [to not be let go, promoted, fired or what ?]

When LSB members were asked what the big audience and commotion was about, no one in public at the meeting responded those 'in the know' did and all the others did not.

Those who cant or dont attend the lengthy boring conflictual LSB meetings and yet who pay and pay and listen and pay more did not know anything at all, of what was happening anyhow ...behind closed locked secreted doors.

This is what has been carefully branded as "free speech" public sponsored FM radio ? huh ? where, what ? This cant be the same KPFK at 90.7 FM that continually audio-faces sideways to sell premiums, to beg for money, to plead innocence and to insist it is NOT LIKE ALL THOSE HYPOCRITES AND LIARS elsewhere... and then when the inner staff, gen'l manager and others are doing just the same that they hate in our US governments' doings.

what is happening ? Exposure in Los Angeles is nil and none.

and Bernard Duncan, who came to work at KPFK in 2011 - claiming loyalty to KPFK and it's listener-subscribers - has secretly silently re-appeared recently as an [maybe interim, maybe permanent ] Executive Director of Pacifica – announced in some places... but not audible nor visible in LA.

Is this true ? Could he do this to his former sponsors and employers? Did he step Out of KPFK to uplift hisself up to a higher position on top of the heap ? All by hisself ? Or with whose help or push ?

What in hell, or like hell, is going on at Pacifica ?

Where is any truth about KPFK and Bernard revealed? Fact check - but not on google because it doesn't seem to produce the stories found about KPFA and Pacifica written elsewhere.

who knew ? who knows ? why not ?"

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