Friday, April 4, 2014

What is new in the war at Pacifica? today ?

old information seems to equally pertain to all that seems to be at war at Pacifica now...
Here is a 2002 a article here :

that if quickly skimmed reveals that the same machinations of old are being similarly repeated NOW.

also more info from that article's author is here current:

and two books that we have not yet read that maybe of interest to those who enjoy the long story and whole show from times past as well as present are these :

Matthew Lasar's two prior  books , Pacifica Radio and Uneasy Listening - these may be   available maybe in a library or online bookstore. 

the many ways that information of what is actually happening to PACIFICA, and thus to our local radio station KPFK is that there are just a very few sources providing information in a decent professional reporting manner....

while others [blogs and even 'rags'  are maligning or putting out dream-storied manifestos of what could maybe happen "if..." and "then...."  = their wishful thinking in writing to attract allies and form a  winning Side -  that wants to clear out some programs,'the other' staff, and some differing views - to then instill only their own brand and style.

And still the most relevant information is on Tracy Rosenberg's facebook :

"United for Community Radio"   and is at 

with various other articles reporting of what the divisions and actions are happening, in the Pacifica Fdtn headquarters located adjacent to the KPFA radio in Berkeley offices. How inconvenient and how easy for maneuvers, fights, police-calling, and attempts at physical acts of restraint and padlocking and cutting locks and even a scene about the danger of a company coming in to shred documents. Which side is initiating and which side is responding and how becomes difficult for those not local to Berkeley to discern.

But we continue on reading, adding comments or sharing information with locally in Los Angeles, hoping to expose what is a long continuous search for the latest actions -  and to have these exposed to our LA crowd, that hopefully will contribute to the Solution[s] and assist in calming and coming back to reason, civility and honesty. And discussion. and 

STOP ALL THE POWER PLAYING [see "Games People Play" by Eric Berne for good instructions ]

more here and also on where many articles with info appear regularly with comments adding cartoons, and historical info too. 

more coming as things degress or progress - either way -  to EXPOSE and make TRANSPARENT all possible -  regarding the demise or stabilizing of our local KPFK is what we are doing here. we need much more than luck too  !

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