Friday, April 4, 2014

Naming PNB names in lawsuit, Pacifica beware of how it can topple

From the image of the civil lawsuit summons about Pacific's Exe Director's sudden firing by 12 of 22 Pacifica National Board members in the last few days. These are the names blurry but barely visible in image on :

with a comment there also : “also see names to be named   3 of 4 from KPFK are named in summons....without any KPFK members/ sponsors knowing anything ? huh ?

 KPFK prior LSB and now PNB members listed are :

Rodrigo Argueta,
Lydia Brazon, 
Lawrence Reyes 

and from other PNB members across this nation are =
Tim Brown, Benito Diaz, Adriana Casenave, Brian Edwards-Tiekert, Jose Luis Fuentes, Tony Norman, Cerene Roberts, Hank Lambb, Margy Wilkinson                = 12   out of the 22 total.

what are names of  the 10 others  ? 
decipher it here:

there are 4 PNB from each of 5 stations and 2 affiliates = 22 total.

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