Monday, March 24, 2014

COMMENTS ? Read this first please.


This site wants you to comment on our posts. Feel free to disagree and denounce (or agree with and praise) what we have written at your convenience. Everything will be published except insulting-to-libelous, threatening, hate-speech type comments, ad hominem [= definition ] attacks, and, of course, spam. We reserve the right to edit and remove comments as we see fit. The editors may choose, at their discretion, to close comments on a given post at any time.

While we wish to be fair and promote constructive dialog, this is our blog, and it’s up to us what stays and goes. We welcome any feedback on the application of this policy, with the understanding that the editors reserve the right to make any and all final determinations.
All content on this site is copyright  2011, 2012, 2013; please contact us for permission before reproducing our stories or photos elsewhere. 

While pleased to have you want to share, we too would like to know where our words appear and how they are edited, changed, reproduced or shifted in meaning, if so.

thanks and please add your versions w/o any curse words, malicious insults to anyone, or 
revenge fantasies put into stories or words here.

We do not want to promote what is often used as vengeful acting out seen elsewhere so often. Let's be civil, courteous, honest and forthright. No difficult. Very readable. and appreciated.

(c) al 2014 

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