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Wikipedia and CPB- about KPFK -more info here

More searching reveals some interesting things we dont often look at. See more here: 


 As part of the Pacifica Network the station receives some funding from charitable organizations such as the Ford Foundation and government funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but operating costs are primarily covered by listener-sponsors, as the station runs no advertisements or other commercial programming….”                       

and  shows this:

“…B. Through grant funding, help public media provide content that is fair, accurate, balanced, objective, transparent and that is produced in a manner that is consistent with the editorial independence of stations and producers.  C. Enhance stations' role as essential local and regional institutions and content providers. Encourage collaboration and consolidation where necessary to accomplish this objective.”  [italics are not theirs]            

and    says ….. 

These requirements involve five specific areas: meetings which must be open to the public (Section 396(k)(4)); financial information which must be made available to the public (Section 396(k)(5)); community advisory boards which must be established by certain stations (Section 396(k)(8)); equal employment opportunity ("EEO") regulations and reporting requirements which must be observed (Section 396(k)(11)) and donor list and political activities requirements (Section 396(k)(12)). CPB requires station grant recipients to certify their continued compliance with the requirements……                                                                                                                   [ NOTE: current financial information is not given nor made available to the public by the station, tho it is summarily given as a “budget” only to LSB  - who then do NOT share it with the public or sponsors either in any open way.   The information provided by the GM to the LSB at 1 meeting is quickly presented, passively passed, and is not given to any public members present nor displayed on the KPFK website or any other available findable site – on line or printed copies.]      

to find stations listed: p. 3
google showed no annual reports for 2012 2013 yet ? 2011 is last one available ? 

in 2011 =KPFK-FM-Berkeley-California -Radio Community Service Grant -$254,572
Vs.         WBAI-FM-Berkeley-California -Radio Community Service Grant -$265,697
                  KPFA-FM  Berkeley California Radio Community Service Grant $255,723
               KPFT-FM     Berkeley California Radio Community Service Grant $176,548

also info is below on link : 

open to the public comments by year:

an article there re ethics =
where article says NPR has “handbook includes similar guidelines on issues of accuracy, fairness, independence, impartiality and transparency.” 

More Info will be posted here later. Another place just dis-covered that has other postings and information about the current inner conflicts over personnel changes is at if you are interested to search further. 
If the people who are employed or benefiting from USING KPFK dont share information, we The People will seek and find out what is important to Share and do it more Openly than they want to.


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