Thursday, January 16, 2014

More+other resources re KPFk funding and money topics:

For Your further education, elucidation and to be more transparent in the SHARING of what is occuring at Our KPFK radio station, select what you want to know more about and share back what else you dis-cover too please.
here goes: 

has  articles re KPFK  Pacifica here

Jun 19, 2013 ... CPB has withheld financial support for the Pacifica Foundation's five .... Hard Knock Radio, Flashpoints, and there are likely shows at KPFK like ... stations/

“…In Los Angeles, Pacifica’s KPFK could face legal action from a company it used for its local elections, said Brenda Medina, a national board member representing the station. The company is awaiting overdue payments.

                      and   OTHER   INFORMATIONAL   RESOURCES:

 then look for this part : 2012/08/05/rough-notes-towards-the-end-of-pacifica-radio-and-the-start-of-something-new/#more-16768   
This is from Aug 2012- and some people want to dismantle Pacifica and start what a new  what ???? the author also wrote a  book that might be interesting and we might read the comments on this article, that are also informative and interesting. tho this article is mostly about KPFA, some comments are still relevant.         
The author wrote a book – see here : [tho now unavailable, it is printed on demand, or find it used elsewhere ? check it out if a copy can be found to share with others as well.]    
see:  uneasy listening” by Michael Lazar  2006 re Pacifica

KPFK's  new [in winter 2013] WEBSITE does list a link to LSB committees here:

if we hover it might link it tho the process seems slow…
but visible is only as email for chairperson :  

Beware:  when we click on the LSB 2014 roster link sometimes we've only gotten the  503 error page, same  for 2014 CAB member roster  only rec'd the same 503 error.[ we tried 5x ] but then on 6th try, we accessed the page.      is for the official contact list into KPFK bowels of staff, some named, others are not. Transience may be a problem there and the webmaster has not kept web page up to date in the past, maybe it will be different on another day ?

to find the “ LSB ROSTER”  which means list of Local Station Board  “members” ....tho not everyone  may assume the word they prefer [“roster” ]
would be easily understood as the list of those selected / elected to be on this advisory board   but none of the LSb members' emails are listed nor how to get to the email list of all LSB  members, besides the chair. They say some few people [as usual less than 10% are used as the easy excuse to prevent 90% further access of any kind anywhere ] have “abused” the listing on the website and “spammed” the LSB members [with no reason nor a topic of their complaints mentioned either ....or how long ago this had occurred and no verification of this story is available either ]. And so there is no more access for any of us now . huh?

                        OUTSIDE concerned members resources:

is for  more financial info and comments from others who may be interested and posters here are also lamenting lack of transparency, etc.

re PD [program director] and the  selection process has info here as  posts ….see here by Tracy in   Dec 2013
another person posted:  here is no effective listener ombudsman. It defeats the purpose of listener-sponsored radio to keep the listeners in the dark.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - -  - -

There must be more verifiable and relevant resources and information on the internet and maybe elsewhere too that needs to be searched for and disseminated to all of us concerned. 

Having spent too much time and effort asking, complaining, waiting and energy-expended into disappointment, this seems to be the only way we are going to Learn ....and Spread... the actual  condition, of operations and difficulties at Our Station. And what may seem shameful or embarrassing to the officers and the programers of KPFK, we The People Who are Loyal and Care about KPFK will do the work necessary to be transparent and open .

And  we will SHARE ALL WE FIND WITH EACH OTHER without censoring, without reluctance, without suspiciousness, and also without shame nor anger nor maliciousness. Just the truthful, simple story. 
of:    What's happening in there ?

We are the payers and supporters of this radio station. We deserve to know what others 'inside' know and refuse to admit or share.

No one should be spending more more $1 to allow these unfair conditions to continue secretly.

Secrecy promotes and allows corruptions. Inequality and unfairness thrive under cover of secrecy and fake fronts.

(c) al 2014

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