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Pacifica's Interim-Executive Director: wrote.....

Information that may interest KPFK stakeholders and may not be openly-publicly available elsewhere.  Note that this below was noted that it was for Public viewing.   

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the formatting emphases are not in original email, but provided here for easier skim-reading. And the separation of phrases of  the glumpy long paragraphs are also provided in this editing, w/o any word changes though.  ]


Strange stats on this blog - Russia dominates ?

Google runs this Blogspot site and is to be trusted, we always assume. The process usually works easily & well. And Google then provides 'stats' of page-views and audiences too. So much provided !

So looking at the 'stats' provided for Aug 21 - Sept 19, 2017, these are the sources of page views:

                 United States
other states are fewer views, but locations are global.

So what explains this global distribution - focusing on Russia dominating the looking here ?  Who and why would anyone way over there be interested in this radical extreme-left radio station ?  dunno. 


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pacifica & KPFK are tightly connected. Some comments found.

Often mis-heard and misunderstood are words: "non-profit"

While legally, it means a corporation set up a certain way, Non-Profit does not mean these are also :  NON-biased, Not-opinionated-in-extremes, nor that they are  Balanced in any way, or Fair in dealings, nor even Honest, nor...anything. 

It is just so word-gamed, illusioned, and branded. That to not take 'profits' means the organization and it's employees are thus not acting in same or similar ways to those who do take openly.  But deceits, secrets, cover-ups, and  unhealthy financial tactics are all included in either/ both. 

The words have come to IMPLY what is not actually included. Non-profits are not necessarily:  more honorable, accountable, doing-good-for-others, or more-value-giving... than those who take 'profits'. That mis-taken word illusion makes for fake images.

Just something else to notice.                  

So, information of what is happening to Our Radio Station on the inside or as it is related to it's being under the 'umbrella' of Pacifica Foundation - as KPFK is thus connected to at least 4 major city other radio station's financial stability or their liabilities  - and is barely findable. 

But info is displayed here to SHARE INFORMATION when  made public elsewhere. As tidbits are  dis-covered, found, revealed then in 1 central place, for all KPFK listeners & donors.

Know where your money and loyalty goes ! 

Know more than what is that on-air limitations, their external-display, & controlled audio-sounded only.  Too bad, that the IMAGE and brand are often faked, at this non-profit, as elsewhere, anywhere else too.
The actual, factual doings, their internal strong conflicts, some resolutions, decisions & plans of  management and the difficulties -  are part of the whole 'thing',radio station process, and not mostly what is sold 'on-air only'.


Here are some tid-bits that may interest those invested in / at KPFK: 

If any reader is curious to know 'more', here are
some easy-to-find-info sources:  


This main Pacifica site is basically limited in details, and not helpful, but very brief, unclear sentences are declared with little explanations. However, it appears to be the 'main' source of the umbrella KPFK is under anyhow. 
There, it also contains info on the "2015 audit" - and a few various other PDF's to download are available. However, that 2015 audit-job-done means that after long delays, PNB contortions and conflicts,  the accomplishment of of being audit-accountable a long 2 years later is valued, finally...late.  

Apparently, the loss of the needed funding of about $1M income yearly, from Corporation of Public Broadcasting funds, that have been 'lost' due to negligence of accountability cannot be retrieved. Oh well........


The PNB executive board sessions seem to be available at that Pacifica site too, tho anyone so dedicated as to review the voices therein is to be complimented beforehand - for persistence & patience & having plenty of time to filter 'so much stuff'.  see :

and various other misc. aspects may be also found in these sites : 

( the 'about" section above states that site is written and a part  therein reads:   "The Pacifica Foundation (now known as Pacifica Foundation Radio) was born in the late 1940’s out of the (now nearly forgotten) peace movement surrounding World War Two. Lewis Hill,....." ) -repeating their mission. 


               Image result for pacifica logogoogle image
Then, To try to better comprehend what the "umbrella" of the Pacifica Foundation Radio organization does to benefit each radio station - because each station PAYS a portion of it's earned income as fees to the Pacifica central source - that clarification was more difficult to decipher or find.

A legal basic-info site provides a bit of generalized info at :

To make clearer what umbrella organizations do, this legal site provides at least a bit of info- and  contains a few - not specific grains - of what 'umbrellas' are:

"Umbrella agreements are used to try and cover future possibilities that the negotiating business parties presume will occur. Umbrella agreements are basically a contract framework with terms and conditions that take in potential possibilities within a contract’s lifetime and beyond.....

and ...." Whether or not umbrella agreements are actually legally binding documents is quite a grey area. In some cases they are seen as legal contracts but it will depend on how much detail has gone into the agreement. Umbrella agreements work on a principle of uncertainty and unless the agreement is fully formed then a court may not always enforce these contracts....."  

and "...These agreements are designed specifically to be flexible with future business dealings..."benefits of umbrella organizations include : "More flexibility for future contracts. + Eliminates the need for immediate contracts and simplifies the contracting process+.
Reduction in time and effort of single contracts with the knock on effect of cost saving. +
Widens future business opportunities for both parties without restrictive terms and conditions."

and another site may be of interest about non-profits too :



Edited Opinions, comments, & notes about Pacifica found include:

....Pacifica is  continuing to run $$$$ deficits, and the trend has been worsening lots, in fact, with each fund drive in 2017 year doing worse than the one before were.  And with deficits to the ‘Pacifica National Office[ as each radio station contributes to sustain it’s umbrella / central organization ]  growing to approx $200,000 !  While that sum has not included even older deficits from years before 2016, it is significant ! 

The last spring fund drive, in fact, only reached 45% of its intended goals too. As financial stability apparently is quickly getting worse financially, with the danger that Pacifica may even run out of funds for payroll sometime in this Fall [2017], especially if the organization, management, staff and all boards united did not make some improved & significant changes.


then...the KPFK last fund drive all during August 2017 was noted by a staff person to have 'achieved over it's goal". Wow. That sounds good ! But a whole month of promo's, sales pitches, 'premium'/ gift/ items-traded exaggerations was too pushy and repetitious to listen to most programs. A vacation away from this radio station is not a healthy trip away for their continuity ! 

Another's thought-full opinion stated:

"... Membership in Pacifica is the right of every person who has donated money or labor as described in the organization's bylaws....

California law gives corporation members the right to fair and reasonable procedures in matters regarding expulsion, suspension, or termination….

The charge of racism is too frequently used within Pacifica as a means to derail the application of reason. Slogans are not an acceptable substitute for thought.,,,,"

Image result for ebay logo

and another earlier comment about what has not yet been openly clarified or found on line: the KPFA tapes that were sold on EBAY - yes, actually sold & bought by strangers  ! 

                        google image 

“...people have been! wondering about the KPFA tapes for sale on eBay..”

“a whole lot of memorabilia was being offered as if they were collectible”

- - - - 

“....Pacifica does own the words of hosts paid specifically for programming and does own the words to original copyrighted material in the KPFA Folios because both situations involve salaries on the part of workers….”

- - - -
"...More particularly, the words of the hosts on these recordings are not owned by Pacifica  and Pacifica never claimed ownership….”     

“... have been told by attorneys that if you aren't paid to do a program, then you are a free-lancer and Pacifica does not own your sound-content no matter what Pacifica says, unless you signed a release. And we don't have releases. 

"These days, with podcasts and You Tube and a myriad of websites, that whole argument is pretty much moot. The idea, though, would be that I couldn't take my old programs to another radio station and air them for cash without Pacifica's involvement. Of course, Pacifica does not have the resources to fight that if [someone else] did, so that's also moot….”

"...there were intellectual property and copyright issues even though he bought them from a storage unit place. Apparently someone did not pay the bill there a few years ago but it's difficult to track that down, too! ..."

So what happened to that Pacifica-KPFA material found, sold and bought ? 

Does anyone know to share and disclose 'the truth' of all other Pacifica radio station storage practices, their safeguarding of properties, and who was responsible for having let such materials dribble away ?  

Was anyone accountable ? Responsible? Penalized? or even questioned ? 

Yes, glad it was Berkeley and not LA's KPFK's stuff  "lost".
Surely a lesson was learned but who is to know and be assured? or does it matter at all ? 

Or why not disburse all 'left-over' tapes, discs, programs, no longer valued ?  

Wouldnt it be helpful to have someone at Our Radio Station -paid staff or trusted volunteer - offer  donor-feedback-'news'....with accountability information..and  facts and statistics. As the responsible information emerges, about how KPFK works, or barely does... or doesn't...   


And to have this corporation be willing to expose some of what happens therein -- w/o shame or embarrassment - to add sunshine and visible honesty to their "non-profit" donor-sustained entity ?   

Maybe it is too dangerous, with some conflictual factions trying to steal any Pacifica stations away ? 

Or insure bankruptcy to be able to buy valuable radio-wave access cheaply?

 Or whatever wars and attacks and dangers there are kept 'inside' as secret maneuverings needed to just survive ? 

Who is to know but the management, staff and maybe board members ?

Maybe it is long-standing-secrecy-policy that is common elsewhere too, to deny any negative information and pretend instead. 

So are the donors to be:  just give-it-all-$$$-anyhow funders = just providers to be generous, and  just because they must 'trust' w/o real facts or accountability ? Hard to do. Or sustain. Or trust again. 

Wouldn't it be better if................   
but illusions and wishes are not what sustain any corporation, even non-profitted ones. 

                                         google images Image result for fairies images

(c) btt 2017 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Other, older events have never been publicly resolved or acknowledged...

While new conflicts just emerge and capture board members diverted attention. What ever did happen to complete the action of the Executive Director of Pacifica = Summer Reese - who was ejected when a contract for her employment was enforce ? 
Or was it legal at all ? 
Or was a lawsuit settled ? 
Or where and who knows ?

Because of the continual LACK OF TRANSPARENCY that is 'normal' in all corporations [secrets and shame kept out of investors or shareholders / stake holders/ donors sight continues.] And suddenly a later day the question re-emerges, what ever did happen to......???

for example the issue of an Executive Director of 5 radio stations nationwide being forced out of her position, maligned, and publicly shamed [as was possible by passing stories to other media, tho not well balanced info was ever heard on the radio stations, nor KPFK here. ...

WHAT EVER DID HAPPEN to Summer Reese ? or her contract ? or a lawsuit ? or how are legal differences and changes resolved ?    Fairly ?   
Or secretly ? 
Does  all remains in hiding and not found by internet search?
Does one have to be an 'insider' crony to even have access to ask ?

Or not even then as the 'games played by radio staff & programmers' are brutal, divisive, dramatic and weird ?

this good graphic image:  ILLUSTRATION BY IAN KELTIELeft-Wing Darling Pacifica Radio Is Sliding Into the Abyss was borrowed from LA WEEKLY article of excellent image expressing [even ongoing to 2017 and onward] the eternal struggles ...imploding, maybe even toppling, that radio station. 

And all in spite of all the "Pacifica Mission's"  written "good intentions"... those that may not always be put into actual actions, or barely. Great theory, but a hard act to perform,
is it ? Lots of words but little effect in factual life ? 


written by  Hillel Aron           on Friday, March 21, 2014

A description of events 3 years ago that sent Pacifica into another turmoil and divided in-fighting series [not a mini-series but major ones] is in this well informed article.

and some comments came in to the LA Weekly also, but all were fighting for one side vs. any others, of course. And afterwards...little actual facts emerged as all went under the ocean waters to be dealt with accusations, nasty words, alliances and eneminities and then......blankness only was left. 

The article quotes words by :  Summer Reese, and  Ian Masters, Gary Null [a salesman with health-political opinions promoting his products on KPFK then] , Marc Cooper,  Amy Goodman, Tracy Rosenberg, Sonali Kolhatkar, Lydia Brazon, and Christine Blosdale. 

So many had their 'say' and some Pacifica past history was included in that informative article, now apparently long forgotten...or ignored ?  

Others wrote their views too in 2014,2 weeks later,  getting  their voices heard outside from the corporate halls of KPFK too. 

see more here : 

That briefer article in same magazine referred to the many 
[they are linked there] comments made by non-staff or even some of the employees of KPFK again, too. 

Stranger still, a current search reveals so little that those who are ' $$$ paid-up'  or otherwise still involved with KPFK and Pacifica can not find ...what else happened since 2014 ? 


other articles, still way back in 2014 are included, such as :  

and on page 3 still more [ now old ] information was made public.   

searching further for updates to 2014=2015 reveals...NOTHING ! 

why are end stories so hidden or neglected ? Or is that 'old' information labeled as 'not relevant' when all that happened in Pacifica's problematic his-her-stories continue on to influence much of what continues on....heredity continues as genes do...

And the same old influencers still abound in each radio station's hierarchy, demanding to be Right and Heard and bowed-to-also by others who always seem to be disagreeing...still and now, as then.

                     The question arises:

How do all those who remain active and vocal and feisty on all Local Station Boards [LSB] and then some elected to the main Pacifica National Board [PNB] continue to be 'voted in' again and again and while always claiming to be there to help, to change, to improve the impoverished and conflictual conditions in all the organizations of Pacifica....?

The same stories  - just like sequel movies or TV series or novels - continue on in similar ways.

Improvements are claimed, but hardly factually proven. The very same people who argued way before 2014, back in 1980's and even further back to then, are still acting as-if they had the Answers ...but cannot seem to actually effect  IMPROVEMENTS or create a different atmosphere...

Even with all the attempts at heroic ousters, winning seats of power, or moving on into another position within Pacific's spheres of radio-station-influence. results are not yet better. 

What is not publicly admitted there ? Denied, avoided,ignored.

Who are the repeat-offenders-staying-stuck-in-power-positions? 
Like so many who are playing at 'non-musical' chairs and persevering to keep their  own.

Why is there no centrifugal or universal forces that eject the same-old same-olds who insist on keeping their prime spots [ that are obviously dysfunctional, or change would improve Pacifica's style of governance and financial failures ] ?

HOW is it possible - for so many years - to have different versions of the same stories repeat with many of the same actors ...acting. and... pretending roles of importance... all the while apparently not achieving their stated good-intention-goals ?  

Or are such unwanted questions dismissed as " just more complaints.".and " you just don't understand"...
and 'go away already !' = as in the more vulgar, direct 'shut up' or as more often heard:  "just Pay UP MORE $$$"....?

maybe it is keep repeated asking for :
TRANSPARENCY - in management, all affairs
ACCOUNTABILITY- to all who 'own' a piece of Pacifica
DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY -from each person there
PROFESSIONAL interpersonal skills, communications, management, financial affairs, and all behaviors therein
FINANCIAL STABILITY and real audits made public
HONESTY in feedback to all donors & stakeholders, at least
Non-HYPOCRISY, between what is said vs. done.

and so much more...
is needed to make Pacifica, and KPFK ever Trust-worthy and worth spending any of our  hard-won-earnings to sustain them ...ever...again. 

(c) mj 2017