Thursday, July 20, 2017

“Retro-programming and gifts [$-traded-premiums] on KPFK ?

KPFK is supportive only of it's own limited  version of what is 
"The" holy ( huh ?) TRUTH...which is always self-defined or limited by those on-air, or to  their collegue's agreements ...
as these few are for sure ! the so-called :

"those who do only good, of course" ...
or so  it is assumed, and claimed..." hmmm

or ...are their focus Only  on any-&-all-"Victims" - no one else can be hugged there ?  No others are apparently interesting enough to be included in their 'favorites' to talk to or about 
list ? 

Has KPFK turned into such a 1-extreme-sided source ? 
Or acting as-if-They-Are-The-Saviors ...
and the others are weak, broken, un-able and incompetents ?  

So they those who agree there must always find 'victims' who need their "help", even if that help is only on-air words ? 

No other 'sides' or views are explained or allowed at this radio site. No more than 1 view, version, story is allowed nor valid ?

What is going on in there NOW ?  Have all balance, or moderations , or any middle grounds dis-appeared and been silenced/ dis-sounded on this radio ?   

Goldilocks has maybe been finally shown to be biased girl, and a lost childish choice. The Middle point is a poor fit -one that accommodates more than any 1 extreme than "too hot" or 
"too cold" is ignorable ? Or maybe it is a too European tale of old... and so outdated by now ?

Wondering why this radio station- the one that keeps claiming & spinning it’s own version of what and how KPFK is ? -How the corporation is described: whatever this NON profit entity IS-claiming IS it's own sole image, the only-1-wanted-to-be -known ? ? ?

….as speaking only “free honest speech” - kinda, sometimes

…as telling the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth” - seldom, sometimes, maybe partly.

…as “we are not NPR selling commercials”  - maybe they are more but tuned differently doing same trades.

…as “we are pure, holy, good, and innocent and courageous too” – tho not apparent, not when audiences are Listening NOW... yet again,  bearing another “fund drive” with sales promotions & publicity denied but repeated...

... meaning that every programmer keeps doing their repeated begging, pleading, demanding endlessly on...and on...for  : more MORE and more  $$$ money –  or for a trade of  some old, repeated, & elsewhere-is-cheaper-and-also-available: 
compiled, collected, copies of speeches/ lectures/ workshops,or that extra chair set up in a lecture hall too....

as all is now so easy to copy, proliferate, and then have the buyer ( aka "donor") profit with the free on-air advertising - saying to buyer they can then listen to media again, later.. a reason to "buy now", tho worded differently.

[And remember that when that media is sent electronically, there is no cost to 'send' many multiples of same... by that oh, so "generous" sender / provider / technology has made reproduction almost free... & so easy, too. ]

The iGM, (interim Gen’l Mgr) ,the previously super-sales- woman & union rep at KPFK - today just made some fantastical claims - about a guest/ supplier of audio/  a book, / a visit to his hotel-room-lecture.

Christine said “ Mr….has given us Millions of Dollars worth of…”    huh ? really ? 

Who  actually counted that value and how ? Who is to believe these 'facts' or spins or promotions ? innocent? not. Selling never is. Exaggerations create doubt and distrust, instead.

So, who is 'accountable' for the claims made, the exaggerations, the fake advertising  that IS made on-air ? And all in the name of  we are 'getting more money in'...
because "if we need it. we can say anything ?"   huh ? 

All is intended to 'sell'  those clever so-called "premiums"
[aka "gifts"]= TRADES for dollars, as if that trade were other than: 
merchandise/ media trades 
and all in the name of yeah, deals. Transactions to do a trade-deal. Like presidents do too.

This is obviously true... with no spins or games or twists- no  framing, hedging or trying to cover-up what TRANSACTIONS are being done at KPFK... 

Who will tell, or admit anything ?  but the usual repeated "line" intended to create that old pure, goodie image  that KPFK needs to maintain  = to later sell to get more $$$$ ?

Can it be that when SUPPLIERS of mdse and events – who make a great TRADE-DEAL by their appearing on air, bragging about the value and effects of their products are, for sure ! and repeatedly --  to have access to many radio listeners for promoting their name, products, reputation and get more sales later [being on radio program is a paid-for-benefit, anywhere].

And they often sell audio mdse, or personal growth & curative products [not on a shelf but it's in KPFK listeners' imagination only, & recommended-sold by their favorite programmer/staff ].

Most media, as fund-drive sales audio is cheaply reproduced, and then replayed & replayed... yet more often easily.... on KPFK air waves at all hours.... & again - for as long as money is "urgently’ needed "…it's ok, isn't it ??? 

Just as  those sales pitches, promotions, P.R., publicity, name recognition by repetition & exposure... and it is obvious- yep, it is advertising by any other name. 

Then with the programmer/ GM/ iPD [interim Program Director there still for umpteen yrs ] is validating that the $120, $200, $365, or More is worth the trade, and sending $$$ to KPFK is a good deed to do... "call us now !!! we need ...." heard again.

While the suppliers just spend a bit of their time - to get FREE ON AIR  expsoure and free  publicity for their products 
[& that promo is also replayed]. They can exaggerate, or make big  unsubstantiated claims about how effective and curative their products are  “!!!” and brag, sell, exaggerate, lie...and no one pushing their products will disagree on air. No one.  

Then these product/media suppliers are made to appear 'as if ' they are oh, so, "generous" too, by not charging KPFK or staff for that sales time or products provided that ...yes,  they exchange. 

But it is called a  ‘give away’ of their products. Not.It is a Trade, a Transaction, a Deal, where both KPFK and supplier get goodies & benefits back.  Just as their using just "your email" or sending a USB - or maybe having another chair in a hotel room that can be filled up further with little cost to event promoter. 

All is fair in business and war ? or is it "love"? no. wrong again.

Like hotel rooms are easily offered as ‘free gifts”,yet are of no-cost to the Hotel, but still made to seem like an expensive offer to customers - who otherwise would pay hefty prices. Because the Hotel mostly has extra rooms
open  & available , just sitting there waiting to be filled, for pay or for sales-helpful promos.

Same is done with ‘free attendance to lecture/ workshop” that KPFK sells …errr…as KPFK dedicated premium suppliers "give " away. Oh.....Not ‘away’ because the return on their 1 hr or less presentation & promotion is so much much MORE than  just the drive to No Hollywood radio studios. 

The 'giver' benefits lots more with that exposure, kind compliments on air, recommendations by programmers/staff of KPFK, lots more.

Yet, the pretenses are continuous and deceitful. 
The exaggerations are also extreme and un-believable. 
The programmers also personally get ‘freebees’  but that is never mentioned  [because ‘amongst friends, we just share, friendlily ….don’t we all ?”].   No. 

Just those who can USE the non-profit radio station [that is owned by all who contribute[d] to the upkeep, as over all the years of it’s existence and stakeholders pay for salaries, equipment, mortgages,  & whatever all is stay ‘on air’.

That is, the airwaves / the same sounds as “on air”

those airwaves that KPFK reminds us “belongs to the public”.
That's allll of us, them... and we too.

Programmers also are promoted, & listed with their own personal/business websites too. Write or try to call them. 

See if they respond. Because unless you are a Customer, to buy more services, that they then sell privately, there is no answer usually, or ever. Try it. We have. No effect. No reply. No one cares ?

Then  the ‘non-profit’ aspect is gone at programmers' services/products, no longer as ‘tax deductible’ - though the programmers and their guests [and cronies & friends ] are all getting FREE PR all the time - even when they are using Our Radio Station’s On Air access – time to sell their own stuff. Or ideas. Or events. Or views. Or reputation. Or images.

The continuous pride-full KPFK faked claim of 

 “We Are Not…. like those others,who are trying to make-money, or to get your cash,or take you into debt,  or using your listenership for OUR benefit - not at all !!! "  -  is repeated forever.  hmmmm.... sounds exaggerated again...    

Definitions are made and carefully controlled : intended to say what others should [listeners] hear, then to believe, to remember and to repeat.  That is the advertising sales trick …everywhere, anywhere,even at this radio station = same.

Why do the audiences & listeners fall for the tricks of the Left-radical-Liberal-claiming group, which uses the claims “not for profit” – and say "we are not ‘Them!” capitalistas – we are different, better, truer, better" are allowed to advertise this ? 

How or when are hypocrisies ever admitted or acknowledged  anywhere ? even at KPFK ? 

Or is it only when listeners meet up elsewhere, outside of the sacred radio stratosphere, and they can there discuss:
 why they have pulled away, 
stopped giving $$$$, 
seldom even listen now,  
and don't volunteer any more... 
saying     "why are KPFK listeners assumed to be such dummies, any way?"

Of course, it is easy to sit elsewhere and see/ hear / notice and criticize…KPFK or anyone else…just as KPFK people 
on- air do that all the time, too, easily.

Of course, it is more difficult to get  legitimately paid for work than it is to be  publicly funded -  given free $$$ for just doing what has been doing since 1959 - talking on the radio, replaying audio, media, replaying others' programs again on  KPFK's air, or finding a free guest who wants prominent exposure for free too, etc. etc.  ?

It is all a matter of who is OPEN and HONEST [on air] to admitting that KPFK's staff, programmers, systems and local-board-members and their by laws --  are flawed and imperfect, while trying hard to sell, impress a chosen-image out to the world...but also acting as if in deep DENIAL and also acting defensively much the time.

Of course, nothing is going to change, tho the same ‘old’  - as noted often from long past history of even current station members – that KPFK people are still doing the very same act.

Trying.  Still and again = “trying”...while insisting. that :

 yes, they ARE improving – even while most or many donors & stakeholders & listeners do notice.... the very same happening ... yet again…and again…and ….

foto courtesy of

Of course, those $=traded-premiums' are:

magical cures that are lauded and applauded and promoted...mostly during money-getting times -

i.e. like NLP or positive-thinking-trainings, 
or affirmations...or numerology or foods or vitamins.... 
or antiquated organizations 
or "doctors" [of what?] or "healers"
or 'self-help-support-servicers'
or self-defined-experts...
as all are still claiming fame  validity... 
and insisting that they have, are, can do very special healing curatives...

and all while programmers agree that such promotional products and speakers/ authors are exceptional...

- so sales messages are repeatedly pro-claimed and ADVERTISED - 

oh,yes... on this 'non-profit', and 'non commercial' KPFK… again…

And most of these methods, teachings, trainings, etc.  were ‘new’ and fascinating back in 1970’s and 1980’s...but are now exhumed to be sold again, for another $200 or so…

Of course, meanwhile.... the internal station dynamics, [and also within Pacifica- their mother/father ship ]- continue..
 as in-fighting, factionalizing, cleaving and divisiveness continues…even as these processes are increasing and exploding ...everywhere else too.  

As also noticed in other countries, groups, organizations - that do the same breaking open/ self-destructing moves.

NOT to have KPFK & their workers claim they are ‘above’ or beyond such changes… or as we hear, know are happening, yet again, yes, at Our Radio Station.

When do we confront the un-truths ? the illusions ? the wishes & hopes that are not realities ?

When do we just give up and go away ? 

July 20, 2017   (C) rr

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! - on KPFK too

Many listeners consider the news at KPFK to be sporadic, bits thrown in from various slants in different programs - each intended to promote their own viewpoints. 

The main '6 pm news' is not revelatory, nor much appreciated, as their re-hash from other sources tends to be dulled and monotoned in this radio broadcasting too.

So the early mornings of 6am with a rebroadcast at 9am of the same program of DEMOCRACY NOW ! With Amy Goodman as the key person and most valued commentator has been repeatedly lauded as a Key Broadcast Highlight of all KPFK's programming. Fancier words are used to claim this 1 program as their connection to success and relevance -- and thus to funding too hopefully.

Yet, many  differ & contend with various versions of *how * KPFK launched her show -- or if Amy Goodman  had stolen the slot that Goodman continues to use currently .    And still, her name recognition is also used to validate the radio station repeatedly by all KPFK loyal audiences.  

The actual factual version of origins and  how all thereafter happened is hard to find or even, to stay as a stable 'real story'. Apparently Amy Goodman was initially a NYC [WBAI]  news show slot...and then....

So below are a few excerpts found - that differ in "how she got to be..."  so prominent, at Pacifica stations and KPFK too : 


A long-time participant at Pacifica's twists & turns, who remembers this about Democracy Now!'s beginnings says:

"....the Democracy Now contract. was brought it to the PNB [Pacifica National Board]  board for ratification. Some were unhappy with it ,  did vote to ratify it.  Then,  DN [ Democracy 
Now! ] has been the best program from the Liberal/Left/Progressive during these last years. And  it possibly would not have survived  without the base  & support of being in Pacifica, thru it’s own program...      

"It has also been a big benefit to others across this country – Amy Goodman has been  getting news and information out there- much that is rarely covered by other media.  So this program has been developing a huge audiences, and expanded into TV and Public Television, plus other events connected to the radio programs.       

"Their  initial contract was only for 5 years.  

"And during that period Democracy Now brought in about  $2.5 million/year in income to Pacifica then, and yet cost approximately more or less $500K.  ]     So, tho other's make other claims, that intense, up-to-date, alternative news focused programs  didn't deplete Pacifica’s budget.  Instead, DN saved Pacifica.  It is more possible that the Pacifica organization would have gone bankrupt without DN in it’s first years.           

"Yet later,  the contract should not have been extended for a 2nd  segment of another 5 years.    

"Some people claim that renewal  was a  mistake.  But since the program was well launched by then and didn't need Pacifica's money to continue, it grew and became more independent  - while thriving within Pacifica’s umbrella, as well as developing outside too .”

"...basically no attention was given to the fact that audience was dropping ….       “Some tend to take their frustrations about lacking actual political power and play them out in internal Pacifica matters”…… sentiments come from some [on local or Pacifica boards]  who are self serving  - or others - who are ill-informed about the inherent power of being on a 50,000 watt station that reaches out 50 miles into a market of 16 million. …. 
" A refocusing of energy to positive and creative outcomes is needed….."        ###

{Note: a few editing for clarification was included above}


And then  a  different aspect and story of how unresponsive Democracy Now! acts - outside of their broadcasts :

A KPFK stakeholder also  wrote  2x  to  Amy Goodman at “Democracy Now“'s  website - at her “contact” page there - on Feb 7,2017.   But with no answer, no acknowledgement, no automatic msg. to "thank you"  =  ..,no nutin'  to 2 attempts to 'contact' anyone there :     

The second follow up to the first 1= complimentary-only email, reads: 

  re:     no reply from you, ever? "      
" We wrote a complimentary email a week ago and there is no acknowledgement, no reply,no thanks, no nutin.

no matter how "busy" Amy or any staff may be, this
negligence is unexpected and not acceptable...

tho criticisms and complaints may elsewhere be unappreciated,  but our compliment?  

the time, good will and effort from us, who gain no salary or other benefits to write you is a gift  - that remains as if  our words were not done / sent.    

what is wrong there ? Is this the behavior you may decry and dislike Elsewhere but then you do the same ?  so sad. 
 FYI          from:  "a KPFK donor & 50 yr subscriber". "

This 2nd email sent later again & had absolutely no acknowledgement nor maybe was even read ? 

So much for responsible communities holding together. 
A disappointment that those who are so 'important' and self-focused on selling their info-viewpoints-spins-slants and who are sometimes valuable for 'alternative' points exposed, are just as distant and dis-interested in their audiences. 

A revelation, unexpected and dismaying to the writers of complimentary, generous time-effort spent, in trying to communicate.  hmmmm


 then noted at DN's website is this - in their promotional words:

 "Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is broadcast on Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite television (DISH network: Free Speech TV ch. 9415 and Link TV ch. 9410; DIRECTV: Free Speech TV ch. 348 and Link TV ch. 375); and on the internet. DN!’s podcast is one of the most popular on the web.

"Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists, artists, academics and independent analysts. In addition, Democracy Now! hosts real debates–debates between people who substantially disagree, such as between the White House or the Pentagon spokespeople on the one hand, and grassroots activists on the other...

"Democracy Now! is funded entirely through contributions from listeners, viewers, and foundations. We do not accept advertisers, corporate underwriting, or government funding. This allows us to maintain our independence.."   ##

Interestingly, on her website Amy Goodman barely mentions Pacifica and in her own description [here: 

There is no mention of beginning at Pacifica, nor acknowledgement of the origins, opportunities she had, associations or other ways the program and host gained prominence - in it's early origins of this now widely-heard news program. No Acknowledgements. No recognitions of what may have contributed to the beginnings that launched a courageous career

Tho it is common practice, the cliche wordings are used too often:  "award-winning" as if any un-named minor award was enough to confirm value and added-value - to any person thus claimed. This un-evidenced or revealed claim then makes readers eyes glaze and blur over the rest of any adjacent sentences too. 

                                         Democracy Now! logo.svg[borrowed from Wikipedia page]

Reviewing what else may be revealed or learned on line now:! :

The main blurb on Wikipedia does not mention Pacifica at all, until the section on "background" is read:!#Background

" Democracy Now! was founded on February 19, 1996 at WBAI-FM in New York City by journalists Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Larry Bensky, Salim Muwakkil, and Julie Drizin.[4] It originally aired on five Pacifica Radio stations.......

And then 1 more sentence only:

 "In June 2002, Democracy Now! separated from Pacifica Radio and became an independent nonprofit organization..."

Plus this: "   Studios -      Democracy Now! began as a radio program broadcast from the studios of WBAI, a local Pacifica Radio station in New York City. In early September 2001, amid a months-long debate over the mission and management of Pacifica, Democracy Now! was forced out of the WBAI studios..."

End of any references to being involved or complicated in Pacifica's emergence in those long ago early years, although the Wikipedia website here also refers to:    

" On February 19, 2016, "Democracy Now!" marked 20 years on the air with an hourlong retrospective look back at "two decades of independent, unembedded news," with highlights chosen from over 5,000 episodes.  

"Amy Goodman also published a book entitled "Democracy Now!: 20 Years Covering the Movements Changing America,"..."  

"Democracy Now! is the flagship program of the Pacifica Radio network."

"When Clinton called WBAI on Election Day 2000  for a quick get-out-the-vote message, Goodman and WBAI's Gonzalo Aburto challenged him for 28 minutes with human rights questions...   "   ###

so maybe ? then in her own-written book Goodman includes more than a mere reference to Pacifica - as a source or launching area for Amy Goodman's future stardom ? 
(c) bbt 2017 


Friday, May 19, 2017

Who are Viewers of this blog and where are they ?

As Google operates this Blogspot - and provides amazing “stats”   -- that mostly surprise and perplex our writers -- since the focus here is on a local radio station and it’s doings – KPFK...

here is what was recently noted & revealed: 

the checked stats for May 9 - 16  for the “ last week” shows =

"Russia                     68
United States            61
Ukraine                       2
Bosnia & Herzegovina  1 "

And stats for May 12- 19’s  “last week” include:    

"Russia             86
United States    41
Germany           15
Ukraine               2
Canada               1
Switzerland         1 "

So, we ask about the above- those Google noted as visitors.

the question that is notable is:

 Why are these sources looking at this blog at all?      

                   Why bother ? 
  Why even want to glimpse at these words here ?  

and these Questions are mostly because of all the recent and current media flurry sparking around the USA Federal Government’s concerns...

the recent investigations about alliances or contacts or money exchanges in the current USA with top administration guys...                hmmmm

that is where the 'daily news'  constantly centers around :     about being interfered with -  or influenced by - or involved in  -or ruined by.... & paid for - what ? 

or whatever secret or unwanted relationships now appear .....                                  hmmm?

and these are with countries that are often seen as
"not- friendly", or the 'enemy' or 'hostile' or competitive....or......

                    what is happening here, something real or for show ?

thus these listed nations are mostly officially claimed to be not-USA-connected, nor positive when in the they are called "suspect" or whatever...                   hmmm some more.....

yet these browsers [listed above] come  to this site, too, while they may not  be seen, apparently, as  part of the assumed-audiences involved with KPFK or even what is written here ...

what possible interest could anyone so far away have in even auto-browsing or algorithmically viewing this blog ?        

We have no ideas. Do you ?    


(c) mmh 2017

Pacifica National Board [PNB] doings affect KPFK too

reposted here : may 19 2017 
Topic:  about Pacifica National Board doings

from posted there on May 13:
re:  May 11 PNB =These are re-posted because some relevant points may affect all stations under Pacifica’s umbrella, though the site focuses on New York's WBAI predominantly.

+++++++++++++++++ quote: ++++++++++++++++++

A motion is passed to give the Chief Financial Officer authority over individual station business managers and when necessary their general managers in order to secure accurate and timely financial information and to have the authority, if needed, to apply disciplinary measures  to secure such accurate and timely financial information. …

"The argument cum complaint Is made that the CFO is unfair and unrealistic in requiring cuts of stations that are losing money and listeners….     "the CFO has reported to the finance committee that the national office is in severe financial difficulty, posing severe difficulties with respect to the planned audits, with respect to which the CFO points out that over the last two years the stations have not paid ~$800,000 in central services, and that that ongoing shortfall continues at the rate of ~$44,000 per month, which represents approximately 40% of the national office’s budget – ‘How can we continue our business’  " 

then some comments to this blurb include these:

 1 – said:   “the national office doesn't have enough because the stations can't raise enough to cover basic expenses and central services. 

"They hold back on national because they figure national can wait and besides who are these people anyway trying to tell them how to run their station? 

"They would just as soon be on their own even though they know they can't. They can't raise enough because the programming doesn't work but they insist the programming is excellent. Its just a matter of getting the word out. The 'obvious' solution is longer fundraisers. Now national is starved for funds and is reduced to asking for a piece of the fundraiser time. “
2-  another said:

”Worrying about the programming at this time is like worrying about the condition of the tires on the bus you are riding on when the driver is a drunk psychopath.”  …” how would the central office finances look if they had the millions of CBP dollars that were lost due to Pacifica and station management not doing their jobs?’’

3- and yet another commented :

  [Margret - heard on on KPFK]  "Prescod, of course, has a different problem—she is becoming increasingly out of sorts as she stumbles into another year of trying to sell those over-priced 15 sets to customera who know what the odds of actually receiving their extravagant purchase is….”


+++++++++++++++end of quotes ++++++++++++

borrowed from again  = to display some connectedness to strange events occurring at ugly-buildings holding radio stations valued at millions, that may be dribbling, escaping the management of each and any of those at Pacifica's group.
 There are conversations there - mostly about the WBAI = New York station’s doings - that are probably not of interest to KPFK audiences – 

see the site for other Pacifica problems & views of that station in NY - as the group of 5 must affect each other in some financial or other ways, beiing under PNB rulings and mis-guidances too.. 

(c)  mmB 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

KPFK's claimed "new" style of $$$-pleadings. Maybe.

The frustrating, repetitious haranguing for "More Money, send More ...Money !" with many [maybe] exaggerated claims of "all is going to hell if not you are giving up more $$$ ! " to support their radio station... is repeated. And  similar pleadings might be improving in style or in KPFK dramatic demands.  

While the constant fund-driving-away those very listeners ultimately send them/us  to other radio stations  = that have 1-2 or maybe 3 such sessions that last 1 week - vs. KPFK's having 4x/yr > a month's intrusive begging sessions.

So, a staff/ programmer has written 'an article' in his weekly subscriber-sent program schedule that reads as this



Because after a bitter and frustrating 3 ½ year long battle, a feckless national board majority has lost its power. This follows last year's KPFK Local Station Board's victory over our local destructive majority.      And the former fearless leaders and their true-believing followers have left a mess to clean up during this dangerous time when the only First Amendment, free speech, non corporate broadcast institution in the country should be leading the battle against fake and censored news, alternative truth, and alternative facts.

The destroyers making up the former majority acted out of several different motivations. Some were purposefully destructive, as political scientist Professor Michael Parenti once said, 'There are people in Pacifica who are drawing more than one paycheck.'       Some acted out of raw greed as those who secretly organized and legally incorporated the 'KPFA Foundation' and now 'The Big Tent' to "acquire" Pacifica stations into their own private organization under their own private control due to either their own high motives or in appreciation of the worth of our transmitters being valued in the many tens of millions of dollars.

Their followers were dreamers and 'visionaries' who saw or were promised more power and more representation for their own shibboleth or group or race or beliefs or personal influence despite their lack of experience or expertise in creating any successful programs which gathered a supportive audience. 

This foredoomed majority had, in a word, no respect. 

They blocked intelligent and responsible discussion on the boards. They 'gamed' the election process to gather more undeserved power. They blocked representation by elected members when their majority power was threatened.       For three years they prevented the timely submission of audits to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting at the cost of $750,000 to $1m per year. They initiated programming decisions at a frightful cost in audience and in station support.       They hired inexperienced or worse management at the stations and in the national office.       They disregarded union contracts. They grabbed privately obtained grants which had been limited to specific other purposes. And they lied and they lied and they lied to the staffs, to the volunteers, and to the subscribers. And thus they shepherded the downgrading of the stations' listenership and value.

The destroyers were finally voted out, but they left a mess, and it's time to clean it up and get back to the mission of Pacifica and respect for all peoples and their inclusion in our operation.

(For more than you can possibly want to know about the story, see the two links in the next section ('Behind the Scenes')

                  BEHIND THE SCENES
"A Tent Too Small"

"A Timeline of the Coup" (From July, 2012 to February, 2017)  "

The above quoted section has been copied from:

KPFK's Roy Tuckman ....from a subscription mailing May 2017 for "Something's Happening" program:


foto is borrowed from    foto's significance is how the earth swirls and changes forms, while human-built corporations/ entities tend to get stuck, rigidified, inflexible and loses vitality and beauty and value. duh.....

a commentary here:

The promises of conflict-free management and staff harmony  that may now emerging is a Hope, like all other political promises are too.  The intention may be to allay all listeners' concerns and many of their recent years of avoiding having anything more to do with this radio station- which is no longer "Our Radio Station". 

Many who before were loyal, devoted, & sacrificing  - for keeping KPFK up and broadcasting for years  - fell away.  Many questioned the hidden-from-listener-donor-ears all the "what is happening in there ?"  that went unanswered and was not revealed. 

Only the few, who found and read a Berkeley media reporter and the re-posts of her telling some of the chaotic effects of political-power-position infighting occurring in all of Pacifica and it's individual 5 stations, had any clue as to why the station brinked on all edges to almost-collapse - like Humpty Dumpty - but with less congealed fillings inside the corporation.  

Some info has been re-posted on this blog, intending to INFORM and MAKE TRANSPARENT whatever seemed pertinent from the little bits & bytes available to us.  The rest was word-of-mouth - when a long-term devotee met another, somewhere, and  they shared their bit of rumor, news, questions - and still, most had no actual / factual answers.   

Perhaps it was Shame of the infighting,  the turmoil, the obviously dysfunctionality, and harmful competitiveness within  - all that claimed to be "for Peace & Harmony" and was Not so itself, just saying so hypocritically.  

Perhaps KPFK or Pacifica were more likely to falter - because those who had any 'positions of influence or power' wanted no further interference in their ploys or moves  -and  so they kept all 'in-house' info/doings to themselves.  The 'in-group'  was limited to allies, cronies or enemies. 

The intense dislike of others and  extreme opposing any plans for Pacifica  -and any sales / bankruptcies / copy-cat foundations / programs kept for umpteen # of years for exclusive use / ...
and any number of other problems that were hidden :   behind the 'we play good music' and 'we are free and the Only Station that does not use Advertising' [worded in various way, while proudly repeated].  

Thus claims for being 'free of any outside influences' was implied but not verifiable.  

Meanwhile, Programmers and their guests promo'd their own mdse... and events ...and concerts ....and books ..and themselves.  

"Premiums "were sold  with much promotion and hype,  while claiming them  instead as "gifts"  - and for much higher [double/ triple]  prices compared to the same availability at any other bookstore or website.   

Staff hid and did not interact with on-site volunteers - for whatever personal reasons. 
And volunteers were dismissed and not used for a long year ? or  until the management realized that paid-services for phone pledges was not a better solution, after all.  So volunteers were then called back to return - to do free work there. 

And many volunteers never returned again. 

Others wanting the socializing with like-minded folk, a free meal and  a claim to be dedicated to KPFK and Pacifica then returned to Work w/o compensation of any kind.   And that work-time-effort at KPFK was a difficulty too.  Oh well, some people do like to feel they are doing "important and valuable"  free work, plus being inside a radio station seems to have and give status, thus it is  worth later bragging about being there too.

So if the disappearing KPFK crowds, that have rejected the prior years' unstable management models ...and gone elsewhere  - to pay for and volunteer at other radio stations instead,- may not return even if some changes are hoped/planned to be reality.  Or.... if listeners  were lured back to their old 'Home', how can these be counted accurately ?  

 While some others do want to re-hear the same messages  from those ancient-clingers-on / old - same programmers -  repeating their  same basic programs from many years ago -so some listeners may come back to the familiar old KPFK.   

There are those 'coming home' -to again be 'in house' - to those comfortable old prejudices  - denied but still voiced-  to those programmers that are still repeating their own version & biases -  and doing the usual exhortations.   Hear the same Venting... and sometimes shouting ...the mostly outrages and anger at any targets that are considered " P.C" . .... and liberal enough as to  continue 'fitting in' with the group and ...what is popular in 1-sided circles. 

Tho "Independence" is often claimed to be part of KPFK and it's main mission - but then it not really allowed to fit into this KPFK-party-lines either.  

Critical Thinking is also applauded but not allowed when any 'other' thought diverges from the limited version of what is "right" or "good" or "ours" in 1-sided minds.  
Vote this way only ! Agree or exit. Don't think for your own self, be one-of-Us !-only !

Creativity is admired but not utilized nor barely heard at KPFK, since the same-old-same-old people return and hold-on to their on-air-access Power Positions there.  And righteousness prevails, eking out any creative inputs or outputs there.

But the current 'fund drive' may be more mellow and less bellowing than the last years, and the hope is that , once again, "More More Money ! send us Money, on your Credit Card or Text us ! More !
More !" may prevail. We'll listen and then decide if changes are valid, helpful, and  become actually effective.

While, many do NOT WANT ANY CRITICISM of the poor ['victimized'] KPFK radio broadcasting station that is forever "trying" and not often achieving any improved goals.    So anyone daring to state the obvious or note the hypocrisies and pretenses and opaqueness [vs. 'transparencies ' claimed] that do  exist. So be it.

No one wants to admit imperfections, Nor that their preferred-image has flaws, holes, gaps, and are faked. 

But then, without cleansing out what has been found and destructive so far:  
the old-repetitions [behaviors, programs, declarations, etc.]  that have been dragging down the station's viability and sustainability, [in so m any ways: financially, socially, and demographically, etc. etc. ]  how can KPFK become what insiders say 'it is' or  that station sustainers want to be? 

May changes be made  - that improves all aspects of this resource - just 1 in a panoply of radio offerings in the LA area - just to have another variation. So as to not to be a sole-source enigma or lone-wolf outcrier. 

May KPFK improve in any and all ways possible.... or end up where it had been steadily 
heading...out !

                                  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Repeated suggestion to all readers here :

DARE to give current management your suggestions, concerns, criticisms - in person, by phone, or less effectively by email.    The website recently has a talk-back box that may or not reply... nowadays . Check them out to see if they are responsive or still reluctant [ secretive ? ].

Write a hard-copy ,P.O. letter and then send it elsewhere too : about what you think, want and want to 'pay for' too.    Write it to more than 1 person: a staffer, manager, director, LSB person, Pacifica board person, ..... or for publication elsewhere.

See for directions to station, the phone #,  hours open, and tho only a few of staff are named & listed there now.

Notice how same programs are on the schedule on website.  Sadly, Few innovations, changes are found there. Experimentations or improvements are very few and most programmers remain for decades in situ.

Find ones you like - and try to inform Programmers too - about what you want/ like/ don't appreciate in each program, whether they reply or not. If they don't care, inform the station staff about this disregard that has happened there for years already.

Maybe, or not, attend at least 1x a [LSB] Local Station Board meeting. See when in 'events' section on website. Public comments are very, very briefly, allowed, tho who there listens or cares 
is not so noticeable. 

Add a pertinent, polite, but relevant comment here too.  

But:     Dont wait for 'someone else' to fix it. 
That may not happen, or soon enough to re-establish a vital, relevant, creative and innovative radio station at KPFK...     it might still be revivable.  Maybe.

(c) ha